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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How to register for the e-Magazine?
A. Please go to site www.geneticcodeofhomoeopathy.com and visit REGISTER link. Enter your details and complete registration process. 

Q. What I should do when I face issues while registering for magazine or access site?
A. You can email your queries to info@geneticcodeofhomoeopathy.com

Q. After registration in how many days I will receive the e-magazine?
A. You will receive the e-Magazine in your email using which you registered yourself shortly after realisation of payment

Q. I received the e-magazine but I am unable to print the same, Can you please send me printable version?
A. This is a e-magazine. We are trying to make our organization environment friendly and implementing the same while making e-magazine.
    Thus it cannot be printed or no printable version will be sent. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Q. I was a registered member of Genetic Code of Homoeopathy and now my subscription expired. I would like to renew my subscription, how to do it?
A. You don't need to register again. If you registered yourself from any international location then You can use Send Payment link to pay     your renewal payment. Once your payment through Paypal is acknowledged we will update your registration accordingly and intimate you. If you have registered within India, Do send Cheque/Demand Draft to our address. Mention your name, address and also year(s) for which subscription is renewed. Once your payment is acknowledged we will update your registration accordingly and intimate you.

Q. When I try to register I am getting following message, 'This Email ID is already registered. Please provide different email ID.'?
A. In this case please email us at info@geneticcodeofhomoeopathy.com and we will do the needful.

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