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On the basis of this chart, one can actually predict how the disease will progress and how cure should take place.

Dr. Vijayakar with his passion for homoeopathy and desire to spread the right kind of homoeopathy, started teaching his methods to a lot of homoeopaths. Soon his followers also started getting fantastic results and developed a strong conviction in homoeopathy.
Thus the predictive school of homoeopathy was born.

Another very important contribution that Dr Vijayakar has made is the simplified explanation of miasms.

In “Theory of Chronic Diseases”, Dr Hahnemann mentions about discovery of Miasms as the most important discovery, even greater than the discovery of Law of Similars. Inspite of it, very few homoeopaths take miasms into consideration.

Dr Vijayakar's crystal clear understanding of miasms , just as put forth by Hahnemann is the breakthrough in treating not only simple cases but even hopeless incurable diseases. He has been doing invaluable work in cases such as Mutism, Blindness, Autism, Deafness, Cerebral Palsy, Mental retardation due to birth defects. 'Predictive homoeopathy' regularly conducts camps in Mahabaleshwar , Mumbai and interiors of India with great success. The successful treatment of such cases he owes to his deep study of Evolution of the animal kingdom and basing the treatment on miasm.

Dr Prafull Vijayakar has indeed made a stupendous contribution to the field of homoeopathy and through his intensive training courses is empowering homoeopaths all over the world in the successful practice of homoeopathy.

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