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The journey has been a long one from the crucibles of homoeopathic medical college to intensive training with experienced doctors. Our own private practice and now a homoeopathic website with an e - journal. It was an arduous path; after getting a degree after five and a half years of rigorous training and becoming a doctor, a harsh reality faced us! There was an ardent desire to treat and cure but we were as if lost at sea as it was now that we had to apply our knowledge into practicality. This must be the story of so many of you as well.

It was our good fortune to be trained by Dr. Prafull Vijayakar. His teachings empowered us, instilled great knowledge and confidence in us.

The seed of this medical journal ‘Genetic code of Homoeopathy’ was sown with the intention of sharing Dr. Vijayakar’s teachings. Our association with Dr.Vijayakar spans over twenty long years and all along the way we have picked up gems which have helped us tremendously in our practice. After following Predictive homoeopathy for all these years, we know that his theories have not changed, they are based on the firm basic principles laid down by Dr.Hahnemann and the human life sciences. He is advancing in knowledge going in-depth of cellular pathology. He is constantly updating and upgrading himself. His followers find it difficult to keep up to his level. It is only through his seminars and books that people can learn from him. We felt it was the need of the day to compile his teachings and present them to our homoeopethic brethren.

This is an Herculean task.

We are aware of it and this is an honest and humble attempt to spread his teachings through this e-magazine across the globe.

Aude Sapere,
Yours in homoeopathy,

Dr. Dipali Gupte
Dr. Kavita Sawant
Dr. Bhakti Poojara Dadia 

Dr. Dipali Gupte Dr. Kavita Sawant Dr. Bhakti Poojara Dadia
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