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Dr. Prafull Vijayakar has been practicing Classical Hahnemannian Homoeopathy for over 30 years. In spite of a massive practice , seeing around 200 patients a day, he has devoted a lot of time for research and study.

Dr Vijayakar is known for his expertise in face- reading, body language and intuitive prescriptions. However even his speedy, snap-shot prescriptions, though appearing intuitive have a complete scientific reasoning and explanation to mathematical accuracy and details.
“Intuition he always says is to tuition you”. It has to develop through deep study and hard work.

However you ought to know what to study. You ought to know what to look for and where. His favorite quote, “Eyes do not see what the mind does not perceive”.

20 years ago, when Homoeopathy was considered just an alternative system of medicine used for treating simple cough, cold and skin ailments, Dr. Vijayakar took up the challenge of showing to the world how homoeopathy is a complete system of medicine and the science behind homoeopathy. He stresses on the importance of a thorough knowledge of Life sciences like Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry, Embryology and Genetics in treating diseases. His success and the incredible results in incurable and hopeless cases are on account of “Miasm as defense process at the genetic level” that he takes into consideration in every case as also “Law of cure”

Dr Vijayakar has correlated the Law of cure with Embryological development of the human being and this has made the law of cure crystal clear. He has elicited exactly which organ is more important and which is less in importance, a question that has baffled homoeopaths since ages.

He dares to call this science Predictive Homoeopathy . If practiced properly and scientifically it is as accurate as mathematics. It is no more a tentative science.

He is the first homoeopath to correlate all the above life sciences with homoeopathy. Thus he built a bridge between homoeopathy and the life sciences and through this he was able to speak the language of modern medicine with his feet firmly grounded on the rock hard principles of homoeopathy.
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