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Dr. Bhakti Poojara Dadia Her association with Dr Vijayakar goes way back to the year 1995, when she entered the 1st year of Medical College. In the second year itself, she excelled and stood 4th in the whole of The University of Mumbai for which she was felicitated. From the first year, she started attending Dr Vijayakar’s Out Door Patient Departments (OPD) and his Indoor Patient Departments (IPD) and gained a lot from his teachings and experiences till her graduation (B.H.M.S) from The C.M.P.H Medical College in the year 2000.
Since her early days of college, she used to attend lectures, seminars, workshops and conferences which she has continued till date to keep herself updated with the most recent and latest researches in the field of Homoeopathy.

She was one of the few handful of fortunate doctors to be able to assist Dr Vijayakar in his clinic as soon as she graduated and started her internship. While assisting him till the year 2006, she gained experience from his vast number of cases, lectures, seminars and workshops. She not only assisted him in preparing for his various seminars, both national and international, but even with his books The End of Myasmtion of Miasms, The Genetic Materia Medica and the Frequent Encounters.

She has been practicing Classical Homoeopathy from South Mumbai (Chowpatty- Maharashtra, India) since the year 2000, where she applies the knowledge and experience that she has learnt.

She is the Communication Secretary at the Indian Institute of Homoeopathic Physicians (I.I.H.P) Mumbai Branch and also on the Editorial board of the magazine Vital Force.

Additionally, she serves as a faculty member of The Predictive Homoeopathy and has been giving lectures and modules and is also one of the doctors on panel for the free camps Hope for the Hopeless held by Predictive Homoeopathy in various parts of India, where all grave and hopeless cases are taken up as a challenge to cure.

Her latest accomplishment is being a team member of this website, Genetic Code of Homoeopathy as well as being on the Editorial board of the e- journal Genetic Code of Homoeopathy - one of its kind for the homoeopathic fraternity.

Her vision is to see Homoeopathy at its zenith and being recognized as the number one system of medicine across the globe.
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