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On the basis of this knowledge along with a vast collection of clinical cases, his research took shape and he formulated the “Chart of 7 layers of Suppression.”

Chart of suppression
This chart is based on the embryological development of tissues and organs and it demonstrates how disease progresses, its journey upwards and inwards from more important to less important organs and with the correct medicine how it returns out and down along the same path.

This law is not new. It was acknowledged by Hahnemann as Nature's law of cure and Hering as Hering's law of cure.

Hering's law of cure or Law of Cure states that

Cure always takes place from

Above downward,

Within outward

From Centre to Periphery,

From More important to less important organs

In the reverse direction of appearance of symptoms.
No other science of medicine acknowledges or is even aware of the existence of such a law. Most of the homoeopaths do not use this law, nobody has understood this law.

Every homoeopath should use this law as a compass in each and every case to assess whether it is proceeding towards cure or suppression.

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